How to have a barefoot summer in a Netflix world: 101 Old-Fashioned Activities

how to have a barefoot summer in a netflix world 101 old fashioned activities

If you’re looking for a way to get your kid to stop bending over a tablet and start having a REAL summer vacation, here’s a good start! Everything on this list is especially chosen to give your child a real, old-fashioned summer… Low cost, low travel, and low electricity!

So! Start by turning off off the tablets, the TVs, the computers, and (if you dare) your smart phone.

Then, pick a number from 1-100. Go ahead, pick one!

Got it? Okay, ready, set, GO!

  1. Play Freeze Tag.
  2. Identify clouds… and look for shapes in them!
  3. Go to the library and find a Newberry Medal book.
  4. Play Spit.
  5. Have a picnic outside.
  6. Build a fort out of cardboard.
  7. Play Simon Says.
  8. Play Hide and Seek.
  9. Host a book exchange.
  10. Have a nature scavenger hunt.
  11. Have a daily silent reading time.
  12. Skip rocks.
  13. Roast hot dogs and corn for dinner.
  14. Camp out back!
  15. Write a skit and act it out.
  16. Make giant bubbles.
  17. Play in the sprinkler.
  18. Listen to kid’s radio and wash the floors!
  19. Go for a bike ride.
  20. Go blueberry picking.
  21. Start a club!
  22. Make muffins and bring them to an elderly neighbor.
  23. Play Red Light Green Light.
  24. Go on a Ladybug Hunt.
  25. Draw a landscape of your backyard.
  26. Identify the plants in your yard.
  27. Put on a puppet show.
  28. Wash the car with a hose and plenty of suds.
  29. Learn how to tie knots.
  30. Play a board game on the back porch.
  31. Make a bird feeder.
  32. Make a Dandelion crown.
  33. Make marshmallow structures.
  34. Thumb Wrestle.
  35. Leg wrestle.
  36. Have a wheelbarrow race.
  37. Feed wild ducks.
  38. Have a paper airplane contest.
  39. Catch fireflies.
  40. Make a flip book.
  41. Paint rocks!
  42. Play I Spy.
  43. Make a wildflower bouquet.
  44. Make a map of your house or neighborhood.
  45. Make a map of a new imaginary world!
  46. Bury a time capsule.
  47. Make a treasure hunt with clues.
  48. Watch for shooting stars.
  49. Freeze things in ice and break them out.
  50. Let the kids make a meal and play restaurant.
  51. Play PIG or HORSE.
  52. Have a tea party.
  53. Make small doll clothes out of leaves.
  54. Play 20 questions.
  55. Write a letter and mail it.
  56. Have a watermelon seed spitting contest.
  57. Sit and watch a WHOLE sunset without moving.
  58. Play catch.
  59. Sit outside and tell family history stories.
  60. SWING!
  61. Climb a tree. Climb two!
  62. Have a water fight.
  63. Play hopscotch.
  64. Make a windchime.
  65. Learn guitar from a library book.
  66. Practice cartwheels, handstands, and bridges.
  67. Visit a playground.
  68. Make kites and fly them.
  69. Make a leaf and stick collage.
  70. Wash the dog!
  71. Plant something… Anything!
  72. Build a sheet fort.
  73. Tie Dye with kool-aid.
  74. Read to a younger child.
  75. Play in a creek.
  76. Draw on the sidewalk.
  77. Grow a bean in the window.
  78. Have a lemonade stand.
  79. Go to Vacation Bible School!
  80. Make play dough.
  81. Call Grandma.
  82. Ribbon Dance.
  83. Make leaf rubbings.
  84. Make a tin can telephone.
  85. Make a paper sailboat.
  86. Make a Foil River.
  87. Paint a mural.
  88. Make pinwheels.
  89. Learn jump rope rhymes.
  90. Learn to crochet.
  91. Make popsicles with fruit and yogurt.
  92. Walk the dog.
  93. Make stilts.
  94. Make sock puppets.
  95. Go hiking at your nearest state land.
  96. Learn hand-stitching.
  97. Play School.
  98. Make a water obstacle course with a hose and pots and pans.
  99. Write a Poem.
  100. Learn to whittle.
  101. And last.. but DEFINITELY not least. Lay  on blankets under a tree and read to them!

If you want to print this out and hang it up, I’ve put it in pdf form so that you can see how many you can check off this summer!

Just click the image below.



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