Do YOU Make These 9 Mothering Mistakes… or this 1 big one?

We’re all (mostly) guilty of them. Okay, I’m guilty of them. But are you? Without much ado, and because you’re hoping you haven’t done any of them, here are the top 9 mothering mistakes you can make today. Read at your own risk.

#1 Not looking up from your screen.

I’m not looking up from my screen right now. My son and daughter are in the kitchen right now, bickering and squealing, and it’s so much easier to yell CUT IT OUT, YOU TWO than actually look away from what I’m doing.

Our generation has this constant battle… we have to pull out the big guns of self-control just to be present! To care more about the moment in front of us than the red notification bubble. I know we both know this. So let’s just read a lil’ bit more of this very important article, and of course take a moment to share it on a few social media sources, okay? And THEN we’ll look up. Right? 

#2 Not getting dressed.

I know, you’re a stay at home mom. I know, the baby will just snot on it anyway. I knowww… nothing fits me either. But remember how snappy you feel when you put on a pair of shoes that clicks a little bit when you walk? Remember how perky you feel when your hair is shiny and straightened perfectly instead of being in that messy bun? Ahhh and we all know the confidence when our eyebrows is on fleeek.

I guess I just agree with FlyLady so much that getting dressed to shoes makes us so much more productive. Because yoga pants and slippers only breed facebooking and The View. And pinning cute outfits doesn’t matter when you have to run an errand and you’re wearing a hoodie to disguise your lack of a bra and you run into your child’s principal. Hi, Mr. McStealy... you say with crossed arms over your chest. 

Moving on.

#3 Muttering.

Grumbling. Complaining. Whatever you want to call it. Okay, already I’m complaining about this list. Who wants to hear nine terrible things about themselves? Especially when they’re all so… ugh, right on the money. Okay, I’m on my phone. I’m wearing jeans but my pajama top. 

But hear me out. This one is important.

This running narrative is probably killing the joy of my house more than anything, isn’t it? I’m so, so prone to this. Standing at the sink and re-hashing something someone said that I didn’t like, and telling them, under my breath and over the bubbles, how I really feel. (It’s way funnier and more to-the-point.) Or folding laundry and thinking …“if I have to fold and put away one more dress up tutu that nobody wore this week, I’m going to throw away everything in the twins’ room!” Or listing all the things I didn’t get that I wanted in the last budget negotiation. And then itemizing why I should have gotten them, especially when I remember that he just bought himself new boots! Does he ever think about that, huh

Whatever it is, however valid I think it is…  it means that my mind is on this negative track, chugging along, choo-choo-chooooo…. and my mouth gets off at the stop. When my kids interrupt me or need discipline… or affirmation or encouragement, There’s something nasty in the pot and I can’t find something nice to ladle out. Boo.

#4 Putting bad things in.

But you know that old saying? Garbage in, garbage out. Or… You only take out of the fridge what you put in it. If I’m only reading crap on Buzzfeed and watching the what’s new on Hulu, of course I’m only going to have the same mindset that they have. I mean, when was the last time a popular sitcom gave me a great model of a nurturing mother blessing her children? I think it was… *crickets chirping* Oh, yeah. Never. I’m going to be thinking about the good things I ought to have rather than the good things I ought to be doing.

We should be constantly reading things that encourage us in our mothering and wife-ing and well, living a transformed life. Like the Bible. 

I know. This is SO HARD. 


If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it like a kajillion times.

There is something MAGIC about reading the Word! It actually has the POWER to change your HEART. Even if you don’t understand everything you read! It’s the LIVING WORD OF GOD!

OH, please pleasepleaseplease PLEAAASSEEE believe me!!

You know what? Forget 5 through 9. They didn’t matter!  I already forgot them. Come on, who wants to hear a bunch of mistakes they’re making? Besides, they were sooo unimportant compared to this:

The single biggest mothering mistake you can make is:


Okay, girls, okay. What can I do to help you? Here.

Instead of 5 more things you’re doing wrong… how bout FIVE WAYS to get the Word in, TODAY! That’s way better, isn’t it?

ONE. Right now, X out of this and the 12 other tabs you have open, and OPEN YOUR BIBLE! to ANYWHERE! Just ask the Lord to meet you and dive right in!

What… What are you still doing here? It’s too scary? You tried it before and you don’t feel like it’s doing anything? I understand. It can be scary. But you know what? You’re in luck! You’re not the first woman to read the bible, and there are others who can help explain it to you! Here, try this.

TWO. Here, Listen to Beth Moore! I just finished my first- ever study with her (Daniel) and I loved it. There are more to that series, just google part 2. Is 30 minutes too long? You can’t play video?

THREE. Print this out:

1 John 4:16

Or go here and find a different verse. Print it and tape it… by your sink, by your mirror, anywhere you’re going to see it. There’s actually a verse in the bible that talks about writing the Words of God on “your doorpost, and on your gates,” as a way of writing it on your heart and on your mind. 🙂

FOUR. Don’t have a printer? I assume you have a pen? Find a verse here, on any topic you need, and write it out. Come on, it will only take three minutes. Stick it in your windowsill across from the toilet. Read it every morning.

(No, I never read on the toilet. What kind of girl do you think I am?)

FIVE. Um. Girls, I’m running out of ideas. But if NONE of these work, if you can’t read, you don’t have a bible, you have no internet access… In short, if you have NO ACCESS TO THE BIBLE AT ALL…. Welp, then… Um.. Call me! I’ll READ the bible to you. 🙂 You can message me on my about page and Scouts Honor, if this is your only option, I will give you a daily call with a bible verse and I’ll even pray with you. It’s just that important.

So. To explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.




9 mothering mistakes


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