Parenting advice for mothers

The name No Problem Child comes from a horse training book, “There are No Problem Horses, Only Problem Riders.” The idea is that there are no problem children- only problems in parenting. We think that every parenting problem has a parenting solution- that changes in behaviors and attitudes we don’t like in our children begins with changes to behaviors and attitudes in ourselves! (Whew. That’s a mouthful.)

We also believe that parenting is a huge responsibility- that we have the opportunity to eternally effect our children for Christ with our intentional directions but also by our constant example.

Because of that, this blog intends to use real examples of how parenting, and our choices with our children, can have simple solutions that have far-reaching effects on the children in our care.

Of course we AREN’T PERFECT. PLEASE don’t think we think that!! We- and our kids- know that better than anyone does. Everyday we’re going through our own unique struggles in parenting.

Our goal with this blog is to recruit and create a team of wise, experienced women from many diverse ways of living out their Christianity, and with each situation, email, or question submitted- to present it to various members of the team and ask for their solutions. In this way, we all have the opportunity to learn from women who’ve gone before us, in a safe, non-threatening way!

To that end, all questions will be listed with pseudonyms, and all answers, no matter which woman wrote it, will be answered as “Mom.” We, the editors, are committed to keeping your privacy, and so some names and specific details may be adjusted in posts in order to do that.

I’m so excited! I hope that this project will be an encouraging resource for you! Please write  with any questions, and forward this on to any parent you might know who needs it!

God bless you!


Brianna for The Moms

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